Transport with heavy crane trucks

Would you like to move your machines, but they are hard to reach? Lifhting can solve this for you easily. Transportation with a loading crane usually is the perfect solution to do this job and to move and transport your machines quickly.

Plenty of possibilities concerning transportation with a crane truck

Lifthing regularly uses crane trucks. We have a modern fleet of trucks and trailers with a crane. This affords us to tackle the most challenging machine displacements without a hitch and we always offer a solution for your problems.

It is no surprise that you end up with the experts at Lifthing if you are searching for a safe way to move your machines. They move all your machines with the utmost care, also if it calls for transportation with a crane truck. They guarantee the safety and a carefree move.


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transport with heavy crane truck

Mobile remote control for transportation with crane trucks

Lifthing does not just own trucks with cranes, there also are trailers of which the crane can be operated from a distance. The person who operates the crane is not in the truck but at the location where the machine will be placed. This allows for a perfect perspective for this specialist. A guarantee for a fast and efficient machine displacement.

Professionals who thoroughly know their job

Would you like to have service from experienced professionals who know their job? Then you can count on Lifthing. The successful projects that included transportation with a crane truck are innumerable. This makes them the best in the field and there are not many surprises for them. Your project will also be completed successfully. Do you need transportation with a crane truck? Contact Lifthing!

transport with heavy crane truck

Why would you choose Lifthing?

They approach every work situation with an open mind and find a solution for every problem.

We continuously train our employees and invest in their safety by having them work with recent equipment. Due to their flexibility, we can keep production times as short as possible.

Our employees are passionate professionals. They carry out their jobs with pride, respect for the material, colleagues and customers. Moreover, they are proud of what they know and can do. We can all work on the largest and heaviest work.

Would you like for us to take care of everything, from A to Z?

Then you can make use of our total service:

Thanks to the professional, fast and customer friendly follow up of Lifthing, the move of our metal workshop went without a hitch.

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Lifthing is not only involved with the industrial moving of machines, but also everything that is related to it. We move, manipulate and assemble and that is exactly what distinguishes Lifthing from all other rigging companies. Most of our colleagues are specialized in a single part of rigging. At Lifthing we actually have three companies under the same roof. The emphasis is on the installation of machines. The mechanical and electrical additional activities we regard as extras. You can rest assured that we will execute every task perfectly and safely, for the full 100%. We even do this outside of the country. Our additional services are:

Temporary Storage

Crane Work


Expedition & Permits

Transformator Service

(Exeptional) Transport